Database Administration

Database Administration

In order to secure and maintain data in the databases, there is the need of SQL experts and Database administrators who can facilitate the companies with the most reliable services. ERID, being the home of digitization, assist its clients with the team of DBAs who can

  • Maintain the database
  • Plan its structure
  • Modify its systems and information
  • Design the servers, and
  • Install them

Besides, the SQL experts have experience in troubleshooting and taking back-up of all the information stored in the SQL servers while maintain and eyeing at the performance of the database whether it is based

  • Master
  • Msdb
  • Tempdb
  • Model, or
  • Resource database.

By using their communicative skills and cooperative attitude, our DBSs collaborate benignly with our clients with the support of our Finance department. They provide them helping hand in creating and operating their databases efficiently by

  • Updating,
  • Configuring, and
  • Removing anomalies

From the set-up via MySQL according to the needs of the clients.