MIS Reporting Consultancy

MIS Reporting Consultancy

From MS Excel to Business Intelligence tools, all are used to create either summarized or detailed management reports to provide

  • Profit or growth Analysis
  • Sales performance
  • Transaction
  • Financial

Which help the clients in planning and making strategies to

  • Prevent fraud
  • Increase sales, and
  • Organize the departments that work under managers and auditors.

ERID’S Management Information System reporting facility is computer-based that ensures to provide comprehensive reports which would facilitate in decision making and understanding weakness and strength of a company which every sincere auditor of a company wants to whom who can export and import our credited reports because they can work well on any system software whether it is Microsoft or Linux.

Our finance experts and report makers with the help of different tools like MySQL or Ubix or software based application can provide our clients with

  • Financial Reports
  • Sales Reports
  • Product Reports
  • Fully Integrated Reports
Financial Reports

Scheduled or exception audit reports are formulated which consists of structures of several corporate policies that outlines the basic strategic plan.

Sales Reports

With the of CRM, different kinds of sales reports are created by ERID that have extensive information regarding density value, sales value and close rate which provide insights of the customers’ demands and their changing requirements.

Product Reports

With the provision of product reports, you can be informed about bestseller and low inventory products while having the supplement of comprehensive knowledge about the gross revenue collected from the product and how much money is funded.

Fully-Integrated Reports

From principle-based framework to relationship with stakeholders, fully-integrated reports consists of the explanatory details of performance, strategies, governance and stabilization of a company. It consists of the details of company’s gross capital that is utilized and earned as profit in the whole year. ERID can provide time based to exception full-integrated reports that assist in building strategic plan for future years.

MIS reporting is the need of every company and start-up because it tells and explains the current progress of the work-place. We, the team of ERID, provides the facility of MIS Reporting for the cheapest than others to let you improve at greater pace within short span of time.