Web Engineering

Web Engineering

ERID, unlike others, always focus on bringing out something different. That’s the reason why there is are web engineers at ERID who follow current methodologies and tools to maintain and develop the website that have

  • human-computer interactions,
  • interactive user interface
  • graphic designing
  • visual presentation, and
  • project management

Which are integrated by programming to make the computer and next generation internet easy to use and accessible.

By using the life cycle of designing and planning a software which consists of six steps- planning, analysis, design, development, testing and maintenance; our software developers create and craft different kinds of software to fulfil the needs of our clients while providing them the facility of customization by using different coding languages and web applications in which they have expertise like

  • JavaScript
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Python
  • C language
  • .Net and Asp based web applications.

The team have expertise in

  • Front end Framework, and
  • Back end Framework

Which they apply to plan the software or develop web application. The quality is valued the most at ERID; therefore, we have further teams in software development who has task to make the software impeccable with the application of skills of problem-solving and back-end framework.